Dr. Tran is a California board certified & licensed Acupuncturist and Chiropractor. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Biological Science at the University of California, Irvine and later received his Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from South Baylo University. In his pursuit for knowledge, Dr. Tran enrolled in the PhD program at the American Liberty University. He researched on the benefits of integrating Chiropractic, Acupuncture & Chinese herbs for the treatment of low back pain. In 2007, Dr. Tran graduated from ALU holding the degree in Doctor of Philosophy in Oriental Medicine. Dr. Tran acquired further hands on training, experience and technique under the instruction of Sifu Bao Dong – a 3rd generation traditional Chinese master whose specialty includes Acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Dr. Tran’s expertise was profiled on:

• The Learning Channel (TLC)
• NBC News (Channel 4)
• Los Angeles Daily News
• Chiropractic Economics magazine
• Taekwondo Times magazine
• In 2007, Dr. Tran conducted a seminar at California State University of Los Angeles (CSLA) for Licensed Acupuncturists and Chiropractors sharing his research and knowledge upon completion of his PhD degree.

Dr. Tran describes himself in one phrase when asked about his nationality:

“I am an American product made in Vietnam, of the highest quality.”

In 1973, toward the end of the Vietnam war, Dr. Tran was introduced to the world. At the age of 7, he along with his siblings and his mother, escaped the war and found refuge at a camp in Thailand. From here and with the sponsorship of relatives, Dr. Tran and his family were relocated to the United States.

His father a POW, was sentenced to prison for 10 years along with many of his fellow Vietnamese and American POWs. Immediately upon his release from prison, his father managed to escape from Vietnam and reunited with his family in the United States

Shortly after arriving in the United States, his father enrolled Dr. Tran in the martial arts of Taekwondo at the tender age of 13, where he began training under Master Yong Hyun Kim, the person who he credits for building his character, nurturing his mind and teaching him the discipline that he still uses today in his daily life and business. Dr. Tran holds much gratitude toward his father for making a long awaited childhood dream come true.

After striving in his master’s footsteps for over 20 years, Dr. Tran holds a master black belt and teaches Taekwondo to his patients in his private practice. He also taught for a short period of time in 1997 at the University California, Irvine (UCI), 1998 at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (LACC) and California State University, Los Angeles (CSLA) in 2000.

Master Yong Hyun Kim set the foundation in Dr. Man Tran. It is through the disciplined and rigorous training, Dr. Tran developed the mental and physical agility, flexibility and quickness.

At age 28 Dr. Tran had the opportunity to work under the well renowned Sifu Bao Dong, an Acupuncturist and Chinese herbs specialist who owned a prominent clinic in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles. During the course of his apprenticeship with Sifu Bao Dong, he gained valuable knowledge of Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and most importantly, patient compassion.

Sifu Bao Dong gave wisdom, experience and knowledge to Dr. Man Tran. In grasping the Sifu’s teaching with a keen aptitude, Dr. Tran snatched the pebble from his hand.

At the ripened age of 30, Dr. Tran founded Man Tran Chiropractic, Inc. in the heart of the NoHo Arts District in the San Fernando Valley. It was here that he met yet another master, one of business, by the name of Mr. Roberto Quezadas, also an immigrant. Mr. Quezadas owned and operated a highly successful printing business also in the NoHo Arts district for many years. Mr. Quezadas taught Dr. Tran about business relationships, community involvement and introduced Dr. Tran to the North Hollywood Rotary club, in which Dr. Tran served as President for the year of 2006-2007.

Mr. Roberto Quezadas brought out the people person in Dr. Man Tran. With the platform of the community, Dr. Tran tossed the pebble into the water creating an expanding ripple.

As a student in academic and a pupil to various masters, Dr.Tran always considered himself “vocally shy, but mentally loquacious.”

One of the few lucky ones to successfully make the trip to America from Vietnam and having the great fortune of being an apprentice of three great masters, Dr. Tran grasped an appreciation of life through good health. On a small scale, he aids his patients to live a better life by providing natural medicine to greater health. While on a larger scale, he is greatly involved in the community through Rotary International. Taekwondo has been the core in Dr. Tran’s decision of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic and an Acupuncturist. It is with these three arts; western holistic, eastern medicine, and martial arts that he can accomplish healing and promote better health for all.